Changing the world and experiencing prosperity through Ho’oponopono

One interesting tool that one can add to one’s prosperity arsenal is that of the use of Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono is an ancient practice of forgiveness from Hawaii which was used by a Dr. Hew Len to treat patients at a psychiatric ward in Hawaii. Dr. Joe Vitale, marketing and prosperity expert should be credited with introducing and sharing ho’oponopono with the rest of the world. According to Dr. Vitale, Ho’oponopono originally sounded to him as if it were an urban legend, and so he decided to investigate it further to try to better understand how it really works.

Dr. Len was able to effectively shut down the whole psychiatric ward as a consequence of his incredible ability to cure all patients that were currently residents at the ward. According to Dr. Vitale, Dr. Len was able to achieve this without meeting with a single patient, and simply reciting several phrases while browsing the names of all patients. The phrases he used in rote were along the lines of the following: I love you. I am sorry. Thank you. Please forgive me. This not only helps those for whom the phrases are chanted for but also oneself. It was explained that the process is a way through which one can clear any blocks one has with the Universe, to put it very lightly, and in doing so, this prepares one to receive prosperity and begin experiencing miracles. Most noteworthy about this process is that one is working on one’s self inwardly in order to outwardly help others. This should come as mindblowing to those reading this.

Having this device in one’s toolchest of prosperity is thus an additional way in which one can experience abundance in one’s life and in so doing help others as well. The irony of this process is that one is helping others as a result of one inwardly working on one’s self. Michael Jackson, in his song Man in the Mirror, sings that if you want to change the world, you should start by looking at the man in the mirror. In essence, by working to improve yourself, you are indirectly improving the world. While the practical benefits of such an approach are readily appreciated, the metaphysical rewards of simply begging the Universe for forgiveness, providing appreciation, and also expressing love towards it are innumerable.